Hanoi, 11th - 18th August 2018
Organized by the Vietnam National Academy of Music (VNAM)


Organizing Committee:

  • President: Associate Professor Dr. Le Anh Tuan – Director of the VNAM
  • Vice-President: Mr. Nguyen Van Than – Member of Parliament of Vietnam
  • Artistic Director: Professor Dang Thai Son

International Faculty Members:

  • Prof. Susumu Aoyagi (Japan)
  • Prof. Tai-Cheng Chen (USA-Taiwan)
  • Prof. Tran Thu Ha (Viet Nam)
  • Prof. Katazyna Popowa-Zydroń (Poland)
  • Prof. Dang Thai Son (Vietnam-Canada)


  • Festival is open for all professional pianists of any nationalities without age limit.


  • 10 scholarships of 300USD/each by Professor Dang Thai Son are available for high qualified applicants

Deadline for Application:

  • 30th June 2018 (application closes)
  • 15th May 2018 (applying for scholarship closes)


  • Application online only.
  • Audition by audio or video recordings of good quality can be sent to us or providing a link from YouTube.
  • No more than 40 students will be selected for the Festival.
  • Fee for Application is 50USD/each, its receipt should be sent to us together with the Application


  • Each student can have 4 lessons (50 minutes per lesson) with our International Faculty Members
  • We will consider student’s opinion about their preference of Professor, but final arrangement will be decided by the Organizing Committee
  • Each student will be provided a piano for practicing 2 hours every day. Exceed 2 hours is subject to extra charge
  • There will be a chance to perform in public concerts at our Small and Grand Concert Halls
  • Each student can visit all lessons of our International Faculty Members at anytime
  • There will be one day pass for audience to visit our International Faculty Members’ lessons for 10 USD

Tuition fees:

  • 600 USD for all the lessons per each student (not including accommodation, meals, transportation…)

Bank Account:

  • Bank’s name: BIDV (Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam)
  • Branch: Chuong Duong
  • Beneficiary: Hoc vien Am nhac Quoc gia Viet Nam
  • Account for foreign currency (in US Dollar): 1281 0370 0015 75
  • Account for domestic curency (in VN Dong): 1281 0000 0265 29

Application Procedure:

  • Applicant lodge the Online Application Form together with payment of application fee (US$ 50).
  • Organizing Committee approves the application.
  • Upon receiving an Email of Acceptance from Organizing Committee, applicant make payment of tuition fee (US$ 600) and provide evidence of payment (scanned file) through email to Organizing Committee’s email.
  • Organizing Committee send out an Email of Confirmation and Festival schedule to the applicant.

For more information, please contact:

Organizing Committee of Hanoi International Piano Festival 2018
Viet Nam National Academy of Music
77 Hao Nam, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84-24) 3851 4969
Email: internationalrelationsvnam@gmail.com
Website: www.hanoifestival.vn